Workers’ Compensation

Strickler Insurance Agency Protects Los Angeles Businesses with Affordable Workers Compensation Plans

When an employee gets hurt on the job while performing their usual scope of work, you are liable as the business owner to cover their costs with workers’ compensation insurance. Holding the right workers’ comp plan will protect your employees in the case of injury or illness, and protect you from litigation and financial repercussions.

Strickler Insurance supports businesses in Los Angeles, Moorpark, and San Fernando with the comprehensive policies necessary to protect your assets, including your financial assets and your employees. As your insurance brokers, we are committed to getting you a competitive low price on workman’s comp that saves your business money. Get your free quote today at 818-285-0323 or through the online form. 

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

When an employee is hurt or killed on the job, their employer is liable for covering their recovery or the costs their family may incur in the event of a death. Workers’ compensation provides the coverage that your employers will use to cover their expenses after an on the job accident. 

Workers’ comp is only for illness, injury, and death that occurs in the course of their regular work. If this occurs, workers’ compensation can cover:

  • Medical Costs 
  • Lost Wages 
  • Ongoing Care 
  • Disability Benefits 
  • Funeral Costs 

At Strickler Insurance, we consider the size of your workforce, the risks your employees face, and your budget. We use these factors to make recommendations to craft a workers’ compensation plan. With additional commercial insurance solutions, we can provide a comprehensive business insurance policy to cover all of your assets.

Is Workers’ Composition Required in California?

The State of California requires all businesses in California with at least one non-owner employee to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is in addition to general liability or any health insurance your employees are covered by. Failure to carry workers’ comp can leave you open to lawsuits with damaging financial effects if an employee were to get hurt.

Why Contact Strickler Insurance for Your Moorpark Workers’ Comp?

Workers comp is an essential policy for nearly every business in LA. Strickler Insurance Agency will make the process of securing your policy straightforward and reasonably priced.

Because we work with our clients individually and have access to many insurance companies, we are able to serve as brokers to create the insurance policy that provides you with full coverage without exceeding your needs and budget. This makes it possible for us to provide the leading solutions for small and medium sized businesses throughout the Los Angeles area. Learn more about our workers’ comp coverage and get an insurance quote with a call to our team today.

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