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Leading Auto Insurance Policies for Businesses in Moorpark from an Experienced Team

Many businesses in Los Angeles depend on vehicles for their daily operations. Whether your business has company cars, a fleet of vehicles, or a single truck for your sole proprietorship business, commercial auto insurance will protect your vehicles in the case of an accident or other damage.

Strickler Insurance is a commercial insurance broker in Moorpark, Los Angeles with solutions that include business auto insurance. We work with businesses in a range of different sizes, providing personalized and professional service to get you comprehensive auto coverage at the best possible price. Start with a quote by calling us at 818-285-0323 or requesting your quote here on our website.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

In the same way that personal vehicles require auto insurance to protect them in the event of accident, injury, or property damage, any vehicles owned and used by your business require similar coverage. This can include everything from smaller vehicles like cars and SUVs that may serve primarily as a means of transportation to larger vehicles like vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, food trucks, and others – except tractor trailers or semi trucks as those are covered by a different type of insurance.

When your vehicle is covered with business auto insurance, you are covered in the case of:

  • Vehicle Damage
  • Injury to a Driver 
  • Injury to Another Person
  • Damage to Other Property 

This insurance means that if your company vehicles are involved in an accident, broken into, or face another type of damage, your business is not at risk for costly financial repercussions. 

Strickler Insurance helps you navigate the different requirements for commercial auto insurance in Los Angeles and determine what levels of coverage for liability, collision, personal injury protection, and comprehensive are right for your vehicles. We take the time to understand our clients’ business types, how they are using their vehicles, and other related risks in order to get full coverage for your business at a competitive price.

Does My Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance in LA? 

All cars on the road need insurance and your commercial vehicles are no exception. If you or employees at your business use vehicles to do your jobs, then commercial auto insurance is required in California for each vehicle you rely on.

Failing to carry adequate insurance leaves your business at risk. It could require you to pay for damages and medical expenses out of pocket and could even cause you to lose your personal auto insurance as well. Our team at Strickler Insurance can make sure that you have the right coverage for all of your vehicles to avoid any situations where you are not fully covered.

Why Local Businesses in California Rely on Strickler Insurance Agency for Business Auto Insurance?

Strickler Insurances is a local team of insurance brokers that have been serving businesses in the San Fernando area for many years, working across industries and with businesses of all sizes. Throughout that time, we have gained expert knowledge on what businesses need in terms of their commercial auto insurance as well as other business policies.

This enables us to provide personalized and up to date recommendations to help you secure the right coverage while you also work with our friendly team. Contact us today to learn more about the various commercial auto policies we offer and get your free quote.

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